Paint Correction

Paint Correction

This service provides the highest level of Paintwork Correction possible. It significantly improves the finish by removing swirls and all but the heaviest of scratches and defects. Typically this process will eliminate 80-95% of all defects. This detail is recommended for anyone looking to bring a vehicle back to new or better-than-new condition. This service includes complete paint correction, which will remove unsightly swirl marks, micro-marring, holograms, light scratches, bird stains, and water marks. Paint Sealant is applied to preserve and protect the polished finish. Additionally, a minimum of two layers of Carnauba Wax are applied over a period of two days, which will give your car an eerily luminous shine. The Paintwork Correction Detail is our most comprehensive and complete detail service. As this service uses only premium products which require time consuming and laborious procedures, we will need your car for a minimum of 3 days-

Minor: Small cars $500, Large cars $600, Vans/ SUV $700

Major: Small cars $700, Large cars $800, Vans/ SUV $900

Severe: Small cars starting at $950, Large cars starting at $1050, Vans/ SUV starting at $1250

Note: Exterior Detail is required for this service. 

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